If You find yourself on this page, it is very likely that one or more of the following are true for you right now:

– You’re lacking self-confidence, feel something’s wrong with you, you don’t matter, are not deserving of…

– You have subconscious patterns or self-sabotaging beliefs, which keep you stuck

– You feel out of alignment, not living your purpose, not living your highest potential

– You keep attracting unhealthy or unfulfilling relationships

– You find yourself getting ‘triggered’ more than you’d like by family and friends

– You tend to want to ‘numb’ yourself out with food, alcohol, sex, shopping, TV, work

– You find yourself exhausted at the end of the day from over-giving

– You don’t know how to set healthy boundaries

– You feel very strongly that there must be more to life, but you don’t know what that is for you…

You’ve tried all kinds of things, including maybe therapy, self-help, mindfulness, mediation, yoga, etc. but somehow those ghosts from the past are still showing up. And prevent you from stepping into the empowered, authentic you that you’d like to live out of.

You feel you’ve tried everything that’s out there and don’t know what else to do, which can be really frustrating and exhausting! And you’re tired of the struggle…

Of having to protect yourself…

Of all that you’re ‘doing’ and still feeling stuck…

Or worse: living constantly with a sense of something is wrong with you..

…that you have to ‘earn’ love

And finding yourself in a life on ‘auto-pilot’, going through the motions, over-giving, being taken for granted, making you feel unloved, not seen, not appreciated, not validated.

Here is the good news: It’s not that you can’t move through this, so you can have the life you want – it’s that you are missing a few key pieces on how to shift to and integrate lasting transformation, so that you can step into your empowered, confident, authentic self and find your purpose on a side note, enjoy a life of passion and live from your heart – fearlessly and unapologetically!

So what does it take to overcome (childhood-) trauma and step into the empowered, authentic you?

– Aligning with your truth – meaning, showing up for who you truly are

– Making You your top priority – which equals loving yourself unconditionally

– Identifying and eradicating any self-sabotaging, subconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck

– Knowing how to be with and process emotions safely and healthily as they arise in the moment

– Knowing how to set healthy boundaries

– Being connected to your experience in any given moment, so that you can trust your inner guidance


And once you’ve started integrating these aspects and shifts, you’ll see amazing life changes like my clients!

“When I started working with Shanna, I was hiding out in a lot of areas of my life. In a few months, I have processed unresolved issues from the past and stepped into my personal power. I am now taking bolder action to create the life I want. It’s empowering, and my vulnerability isn’t as scary anymore. Because I’ve ‘Come Home to My Self’ and I know how to get back here now. I feel more confident to face challenges.  Shanna always dives right into the juicy spot to bring release. It feels good to be home! Thank you, Shanna!”   U.G., Portland

Hi there, my name is Shanna Faye,

I’m a ND, empath, holistic intuitive, and I channel my personal healing frequency LoveLight + Sound Healing for trauma release.

Having had to overcome my own traumatic experiences I’ve been relentlessly exploring healing modalities for the safest, most effective and fastest results

The proven system which I developed out of that, is specifically designed to support trauma release holistically

– It facilitates learning to love yourself unconditionally, no matter what anyone else thinks, says or feels about you and

– Empowers you to be your true self in every moment – fearlessly and unapologetically

– Your Purpose arises organically as you’re healing your past and are connected to yourself in the moment

The Result?

A completely new Life!  SO much more Freedom, Energy, Appreciation and Joy!

With the added benefit of more balance, improved health and loving, honest relationships…

When I realized how many brilliant, successful and caring people are still struggling with these issues, I knew I had to share my system. So I created this wonderful program:

Coming Home to Your Self

It is truly life-transforming on all levels and gives you everything you need to

–  Release trauma lastingly (transformation not information),

–  Move through anything that is still keeping you stuck,

–  Allowing you to find your true voice,

–  Step into your power and

–  Your purpose will find you in the process.

It is specifically designed so that it becomes your new second nature.

Everything in there is yours for life. My clients here have transformed their lives beyond what they thought was possible for them, applying these tools and practices successfully.

Katie Rose’s Testimonial:  Before I found Shanna, I had hit an unmanageable low. Shortly after she [my mother] became sick, I was laid off from the job my world felt like it was crumbling. My anxiety, my depression, the anger, feelings of worthlessness were overwhelming.

When I spoke to Shanna for the first time, I felt an instant connection and had complete trust in her. Through her 12-week program I found forgiveness and understanding for my past and was no longer needing approval from others.  I uncovered and healed wounds I didn’t even know were running my life.  I ultimately regained my power. In addition, I was able to stop: binge drinking, smoking marijuana/CBD and completely weaned off an anti-depressant I had been taking for over 15 years.

In 2 months I had lost over 25 pounds, my rosacea disappeared, my psoriasis faded, my back pain improved and my energy level soared.  Shanna is a force of unconditional understanding and love. She holds no judgment and is committed to her client’s transformation. She is one of the best gifts of my life.  Katie Rose, San Jose, CA

[READ the full testimonial on my homepage]

Will YOU Be My Next Success Story?

What You Get:

–  12 Weeks Personalized Intensive Mastermind giving you everything you need to move through the trauma in your life and integrate your empowered, loving self on all levels (PRICELESS)

–  1 VIP Session with me (2.5 hours 1:1 coaching) for you to get clarity and your personal blueprint for your new life ($2,000 value)

–  Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls to dive deeper into your personal situation and get you shifted more rapidly ($6,000 value)

–  Audio + Video Training materials and support giving you the tools, practices and exercises for lasting transformation ($6,000 value)

–  Energy Healing support, to speed up the healing, transformation and integration of your work throughout this program ($6,000 value)

–  Unlimited Email Access to Me (Yes!)

–  Access to Members Area 24/7, which gives you total flexibility in your schedule and you can come back to it as often as you like

–  Accountability – Of course!!!

–  Lifetime Access to all training materials (Priceless!)

–  BONUS: My book “The Healing Power in Finding Your Innocence”, Balboa Press

If you are more than curious and would like to see if this is for you, I’d love to connect!

This is a completely no-obligation getting acquainted call. You’ll definitely take away more clarity on where you’re at and what your best next step is.

What You Can Expect:

–  How to move through trauma and release it permanently  –  YOURS

–  The Mindset Shift from ‘Feeling Helpless’ to ‘EmpoweredExpressing Your Authentic You‘  –  YOURS

–  How to show up as your authentic self in every moment, fearlessly and unapologetically  –  YOURS

–  How to overcome self-sabotaging and self-limiting beliefs  –  YOURS

–  How to set healthy boundaries (yes, even with those loved ones!)  –  YOURS

–  How to be connected to yourself at all times, so you can trust your inner voice and guidance  –  YOURS

–  How to heal and balance your organism on all levels  –  YOURS

–  What you need in order to stop attracting abusive relationships  –  YOURS

–  Everything you need to create and attract healthy, loving relationships

–  Tools and practices for effective energy management in the moment  –  YOURS

–  What you are taking away from this program is yours for Life!  –  YOURS

True Stories

I started seeing Shanna because I was on medication for anxiety, depression, and allergies. I was not able to sleep and was in so much pain physically and emotionally, I could barely function.  Shanna has helped me with her caring presence and homeopathy. I am back to my old self. I am happy, caring, feeling, loving, motivated, energized, sleep well, and most importantly, can enjoy life again.   – Sacha Karver, California

[Read full testimonial on my homepage]

“Homoeopathy when applied with comprehensive knowledge, and with the utmost sensitivity, compassion, and skilled experience, Shanna Jamieson is indeed a rare jewel who possesses all of these qualities. Having taken remedies from a variety of top professionals in the field, none succeeded in touching the “innermost” with their prescriptions, as has Shanna Jamieson. During my work with Shanna I have experienced a radical transformation in my life and accelerated growth on many levels.” – Davis Batson PhD, Patagonia AZ

[Read full testimonial on my homepage]

Shanna’s attentive, supportive and loving work has not only helped me overcome issues such as chronic migraines, a chronic stomach pain  and energetic blockages, it has also helped me to gradually overcome and resolve self-sabotaging life programs. I have found a personal diet that provides me with energy throughout and my body feels amazing. Since I’ve known Shanna, I no longer need to consult a doctor (apart from gynecologist and dentist), because my body shows incredible and sustainable health. – Sarah Schwer, Germany

[Read full testimonial on my homepage]

So you have a choice… You can keep being miserable, playing small and hiding your light, OR… You can make a small investment to discover my magic system to FREE you from trauma and create more CONFIDENCE, BALANCE, HEALTH and JOY in your life!

Isn’t is about time?

Aren’t you ready?

Of course YOU ARE!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t suggest that this work is a substitute for your regular health care, or that you should be coming off of any medications without consulting your physician first.  My programs are intended to support you in creating more awareness and get in touch with who you truly are.  As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results with my ideas, information, tools or strategies. After all, it takes conscious effort to succeed in any type of transformation. In fact, it takes conscious effort to succeed at ANYTHING in life! Your results in life are up to you and the amount of effort and resources that you are willing to put into succeeding. I’m here to support you by giving great content, direction, strategies, accountability and a community that move you forward. Nothing on this page or any of my websites is a promise or guarantee of results, and I do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any testimonials referenced here are individual results based on the person doing the work. Sadly, the average person who invests in this and other programs never puts the work into implementing the strategies taught and therefore achieves little to no results. You’ve simply got to do the work to get results. Admittedly, this is all the regular legal my-lawyer-made-us-do-it mumbo jumbo but I feel that transparency is important and I hold myself (and you) to a high standard of integrity. Thank you for taking note.