Eating RAW FOOD in the Winter


My clients who are integrating more raw foods into their diet have told me that they are having a harder time with salads during the cold months. Now, depending on where you are living in the world that might not be even an issue (e.g. Southern California, Southern USA, tropical islands, etc.), however, some of my clients live in climates where it gets really cold in the winter time – to freezing point and below.

I can imagine that a cold salad does not feel appealing to the body, which is desiring warmth then.

So here are a few tips and tricks on how to still eat a fair amount of raw foods even when it’s cold outside:

  • take your salad ingredients (or your prepared salad) out of the fridge 2-3 hours before consuming it, so that it has room temperature – makes a BIG difference
  • add a bit of warm carrot or tomato soup on top of your mixed greens instead of dressing
  • have a cup of soup with your raw foods
  • put your veggie mix in a dehydrator for a few minutes to warm
  • put a mix of raw veggies and greens with avocado in your high-power blender, add curry and Himalayan salt to taste, add HOT water and blend briefly just until smooth, creamy
  • combine your salad with some steamed broccoli and/or green beans – makes for a deliciously healthy combination that is not cold (you can find a wonderful recipe for this salad – among others – in my FREE Salad Inspirations eBook that you receive when signing up for my newsletter! Go to and download your FREE copy right away!)

I do love my salads for sure, and there are several reasons why my personal experience is that it is beneficial for your body to consume a good amount of raw foods, one of them was found by a Swiss physician, Paul Kouchakoff, in the early 1930:

In his research Kouchakoff found that eating cooked and processed foods causes leucocytosis (meaning an increase in white blood cells), which shows a response from the immune system as something being “foreign” to the body.

However, his findings showed that if an individual consumed a meal with more than half of it being raw foods and the meal was started out with those raw foods, an amount of cooked foods (ideally the same kinds, e.g. raw carrots and steamed carrots, raw broccoli and steamed broccoli, raw spinach and braised spinach) could be consumed without the immune system responding with an elevated white blood cell count!

Try it out and let me know what your experience is.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Joyfully yours,