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Aligning, Balancing + Consciously

Creating Your Life

                            FREE to be You – Fearlessly + Unapologetically

                            ALIGNING with Your Purpose

                            EMPOWERED to Live Your Truth

                            LIVING Your Highest Potential

                            BALANCING Spirit, Mind + Body


Dear One,

–  You long for a deeper connection and understanding of who you are and why you are here.

–  You want to understand and learn how to face your fears.

–  You yearn to be free of limiting beliefs.

–  You wish to express yourself unapologetically with self-love and awareness.

–  You long to live your life out of your true heart, and the inner knowing and trust that Life is always for you.

If this is YOU, I am here to help you find the answers you are looking for.

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Shanna Faye is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, certified Classical Homoeopath, Holistic Intuitive, Cosmic Channel and has been practicing for over 20 years.

She is a certified Health/Life Coach with IIN, NY, and a coach for The Work® of Byron Katie. Shanna is a raw food enthusiast and a certified Raw Food Chef Instructor, LLI. Another passion of hers is the NLMM® and Intimacy + Attraction Workshop® created by Michaela Boehm.

Shanna channels a personal healing frequency LoveLight + Sound Healing for trauma release and Higher Self alignment.

Her books “The Healing Power in Finding Your Innocence”, Balboa Press (pen name: Aimée Wilde), and ‘Expanding Consciousness – How far would you go?’, Lettra Press, are available on

In 2018 she was featured on her Radio Show LoveLight Sound Radio.

(Thank you Ellie, for the vocal training!  – Voice Lessons NYC)

Shanna inspires and mentors spiritually and health-conscious individuals all over the world to come home to their inner peace and balance, to experience profound transformation and take their life to the next level. Inviting them to deep reaching, lasting transformative changes in simple and easy to implement steps.

Shanna is based in California, USA.

True Stories

I started seeing Shanna because I was on medication for anxiety, depression, and allergies. I was not able to sleep and was in so much pain physically and emotionally, I could barely function. […]   

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– Sacha Karver, California

“Homoeopathy […] when applied with comprehensive knowledge […] and with the utmost sensitivity, compassion, and skilled experience, Shanna Faye is indeed a rare jewel who possesses all of these qualities. […]

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– Davis Batson PhD, Patagonia AZ

Shanna’s attentive, supportive and loving work has not only helped me overcome issues such as chronic migraines, a chronic stomach pain  and energetic blockages, it has also helped me to gradually overcome and resolve self-sabotaging life programs. […]

Read more here…

– Sarah Schwer, Germany


Interested in one of my books?


‘Expanding Consciousness

How far would you go?’


‘The Healing Power in Finding Your Innocence’?

by Aimée Wilde (pen name)

+ the Accompanying Online Course

‘True Forgiveness’

– Overcome Guilt, Blame and Shame


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