Shanna Faye

Aligning, Balancing + Consciously

Creating Your Life

                            FREE to be You – Fearlessly + Unapologetically

                            ALIGNING with Your Purpose

                            EMPOWERED to Live Your Truth

                            LIVING Your Highest Potential

                            BALANCING Spirit, Mind + Body


Dear One,

Life is always reflecting back to you what you’re giving out.

Are you feeling exhausted and one ailment or another is popping up seemingly out of nowhere?

You’d love to feel centered and secure, no matter what Life is throwing at you?

You wish to experience more confidence, power and pleasure?

Life is always communicating with you.

      My question to you is:

What feedback have YOU been getting?

      It’s time to

Consciously Heal, Reconnect + Align to live

Your Truest Expression in the world.


My mission is to support you in finding Expanded Abundance and Infinite Freedom.

For you to walk away with a completely new Life!

Living your Truest Expression in the world with greater Confidence and knowing how to access your Inner Power to tap into Divine Guidance.

Owning a greater feeling of safety and security in knowing Who you are.

Stabilizing your Center, enabling  you to better handle whatever Life is throwing at you.

Becoming more Conscious/Aware of how Life is communicating with you through experiences because you are in touch with your Emotional Guidance System.

You’re able to Master your Life and Enjoy more Freedom and Fun.

Welcome to Your Journey on the Alchemy of Being!

“When I started working with Shanna, I was hiding out in a lot of areas of my life. In a few months, I have processed unresolved issues from the past and stepped into my personal power. I am now taking bolder action to create the life I want. It’s empowering, and my vulnerability isn’t as scary anymore. I feel more confident to face challenges  Shanna always dives right into the juicy spot to bring release. Thank you, Shanna!”   U.G., Portland

Shanna is an amazing listener. She provides me the space to speak whatever there is to say, no matter how ugly or embarrassing, and has taught me how to embrace all parts of myself, dark & light. She is an anchor for guiding me along a process of self-discovery and most importantly self-acceptance and peace.

– J.D.

I needed some support during this very difficult time in my life. I did not need answers or solutions but an emotional support. I saved two images, which Shanna had channeled for me personally, on my cell and desktop so I would take them in as much as I could.

Not only did they look beautiful, but I looked at them several times a day. It felt like they were washing through me and rinsing away everything unneeded. I can’t even describe what happened, but my inner healing process was speeding up. I felt grounded faster and I know that those images had an effect on me.

It feels like I am expanding in my capacity to take Life in and love more
Thank you so much for these amazing healing frequencies!
— Marci Forand, Germany


When applied with comprehensive knowledge, with the utmost sensitivity, compassion, and skilled experience, Shanna Faye is indeed a rare jewel who possesses all of these qualities. Having worked with a variety of top professionals in the field, none succeeded in touching the “innermost”, as has Shanna Faye.

During my work with Shanna I have experienced a radical transformation in my life and accelerated growth on many levels.

The same may be said of the experiences of a variety of my friends and family who have worked with Shanna.

– Davis Batson PhD, Patagonia AZ

I have worked with Shanna for the past number of years and absolutely love how easy she is to work with! She has incredible talent as an energetic media artist and healer, and her rates are a great value. Shanna is a cherished healing expect who consistently exceeds my expectations with her high quality and responsive knowledge. When I began working with her I was experiencing several issues with my health – after working with Shanna, those issues were eliminated and I felt the effects so quickly. I would not be where I am today without Shanna.
–Natalie Sanchez, Albuquerque, NM


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