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“When I started working with Shanna, I was hiding out in a lot of areas of my life. In a few months, I have processed unresolved issues from the past and stepped into my personal power. I am now taking bolder action to create the life I want. It’s empowering, and my vulnerability isn’t as scary anymore. I feel more confident to face challenges  Shanna always dives right into the juicy spot to bring release. Thank you, Shanna!”   U.G., Portland

True Stories

I started seeing Shanna because I was on medication for anxiety, depression, and allergies. I was not able to sleep and was in so much pain physically and emotionally, I could barely function. I decided that there must be a better way to become healthy again. Shanna has helped me with her caring presence and homeopathy. I am back to my old self. I am happy, caring, feeling, loving, motivated, energized, sleep well, and most importantly, can enjoy life again.

– Sacha Karver, California

“Homoeopathy has become a common word in the households of those interested in holistic and alternative health. Perhaps few people, however, have experienced the true healing potential of homeopathy.
 When applied with comprehensive knowledge, adherence to the practice as propounded by Samuel Hahnemann, and with the utmost sensitivity, compassion, and skilled experience, Shanna Faye is indeed a rare jewel who possesses all of these qualities. Having taken remedies from a variety of top professionals in the field, none succeeded in touching the “innermost” with their prescriptions, as has Shanna Faye. During my work with Shanna I have experienced a radical transformation in my life and accelerated growth on many levels. The same may be said of the experiences of a variety of my friends and family who have worked with Shanna.”

– Davis Batson PhD, Patagonia AZ

Shanna’s attentive, supportive and loving work has not only helped me overcome issues such as chronic migraines, a chronic stomach pain  and energetic blockages, it has also helped me to gradually overcome and resolve self-sabotaging life programs.

My diet has changed playfully, and besides the positive side effect of a significant weight loss, I have found a personal diet that provides me with energy throughout and my body feels amazing.

Shanna and I worked with her constitutional homeopathic treatment, and The Work of Byron Katie.

Since I’ve known Shanna, I no longer need to consult a doctor (apart from gynecologist and dentist), because my body shows incredible and sustainable health.

Beyond that I’ve learned through Shanna’s guidance, that the more I am in balancethe more open, warm and loving the world around me responds to me.

– Sarah Schwer, Germany


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