Indecisive? – Unsure? – Don’t know what to do about/with/to…?
Here is how you can tap your inner wisdom and find peace of mind:


Decision-making can be daunting. Even with seemingly simple things such as: What am I going to wear to work tomorrow/the party tonight? What is the perfect gift for this person?


But then there are situations like:

     • Should I move in with him/her?
     • This job is driving me crazy. What to do about it?
     • There is tension between my best friend/significant other/family             member and I – how do I deal with that?


If you find yourself in a time where a question like the above ways on you (- and make no mistake, you feel it. It takes your energy and focus away from what you want to be focusing on at best or can even drag your energy really down.)


There are wonderful tools to support you in this inquiry, e.g. the I-Ging, oracle cards. But you may not have those at hand when you really need to know.


So here is the simplest way:

Take a moment to sit down in a quiet environment if possible.
Open yourself up to the situation as much as you can and surrender to your higher self in that you don’t need to have the answer right now – it will be given to you.


Ask the question.
Wait for the answer to arise from inside of you. You’ll be surprised at times what shows up. (At least that is true for me in my experience.)


If you have a pen and paper that would be preferable, if not, you can just make little notes on your cell phone. You might also find it helpful to pick out an item to ask the question to: maybe a plant, or your pen, or your purse, a tree, a flower, a crystal, whatever is handy and attracts your intention as being there for you right now.


You know when the answer is right for you because you will feel it and know. There is that Yes! and a sense of peace that accompanies it.


Why don’t you try it out for yourself?
Look forward to hearing how it worked out for you.


Joyfully yours,