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About Samuel Hahnemann – the video below gives you some insight about the originator. 


Welcome to the Aligned Homeopathy Practitioner® certification program 

I love that you made this choice to support humanity with the most gentle, kind and transformative healing practices, catered to each individual’s needs and situation.

This body of work contains over 20 years of extensive studies of healing, health, well-being, balance and transformation. I love that you are dedicating yourself to providing the most conducive and individually most adequate, beneficial healing and transformation support for your clients.

You will notice over the coming 12 months that this work will also invite you into your own inner work and transformation. The more you live out of what is transmitted here, the more beneficial of an Aligned Homeopathy Practitioner® you will become.

For each topic introduced you will have to hand in a written paper (~ 750-800 words) which reflects your understanding of the respective material. A lot of the topics are intended one each week, some are longer and more comprehensive and you will have two weeks to prepare the paper. 

Note: for those of you who are registered for the full immersion LLFAP Certification Program, you have covered some of the assignments in the Foundational portion already. If so, you do not have to submit this homework again.

I suggest that you listen to each topic at least twice, then start on your paper and during our call you will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions, if there are any. After that you will have the time to go over your pre-written work and adjust as you see fit before handing it in.

It is always a good idea for yourself to find examples or situations from your personal life experience, where you have observed the topic in question or found it to be true.

We will go over personal experiences and other real life examples during the calls in order to make the introduced theory or philosophy more practical and recognizable.



  Here is the link to the B Jain Publisher Catalogue 

  The books are sorted by author’s last name.

  As you can tell by the amount of books in this catalogue, there’s quite a bit out there on homeopathy…

Here are the REQUIRED BOOKS:

   – Samuel Hahnemann – Organon of Medicine 6th edition (translated by W. Boericke)  ISBN 978-81-319-0223-3

   – James Tyler Kent – Repertory of Homeopathic Materia Medica

       Medium size (sufficient in my experience)  ISBN 978-81-319-0094-9

       Large size  ISBN 978-81-319-0231-8

    – James Tyler Kent – Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy 7th edition  ISBN 978-81-319-0260-8

    – Boericke W. – Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory   ISBN 978-81-319-0157-1




This is a 2 Weeks Module



Study the document ‘Transference – Advanced Case Taking’  (Button below)

In your own words describe what you are taking away from it and give examples from your own life (either as a practitioner or as a client) where you’ve experienced this. Why is it important to be aware and mindful around this subject?


For those of you who are doing the full immersion LLFAP® Certification program, referencing the module on the LightBodies in the foundational portion of the program, please submit the following short written assignment:

From your understanding of this course material and what you’ve learned so far, what bodies do you feel are affected by homeopathy?

The Masters’ Tools… 

Here is a summarized overview of the main tools and principles adherent to true homeopathic treatment and understanding, the way Samuel Hahnemann, James Tyler Kent and a few others intended it.