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Metaphysical Aspects + The 8 Densities


Now we’re getting into the Metaphysical Realm – Exciting!

For this part of the program you will be immersing yourself – or at least reading ;o) – the RA Material (The Law of One), which gives a cosmic overview on the Structure of Existence.

We will be covering the material in sections of several sessions at a time.

During our sessions we will revisit the understanding gained and extracted from it, deepen it and translate it into what that means for us in our life.

The invitation is for you to re-listen to the session recording at least once before you embark on your paper.

In some instances you might be able to draw parallels to Jim Dethmer’s work. If so, make sure to mention it in your paper.

If this material resonates with you, it will definitely invite you to ‘upgrade’ and expand your perspective on Life and how the Universe (and beyond) works.

Again for each section covered you will have to hand in a written paper (~ 750-800 words) which reflects your understanding of the respective material.

In the video and audio below I am introducing you to Jim Dethmer’s (at all) work on Conscious Leadership.

You might wish to download the handout files by clicking the button for ease of reference as you follow along.

What new insights are you taking away from Jim’s perspective and approach?

In your paper summarize what you are taking away from this teaching, what new insights you have gained and where or how you can find it as applicable in your personal life.

Here are the handouts for download

For the 15 Commitments the exercise is for you to assess where you’re at with it in your life?

Notice where you can say Yes to more consistently showing up in the upper or the lower version. 

There is no right/wrong or good/bad answer to that – it’s for you to be honest with yourself and know where you’re currently at.



What is your personal mission?

How do you wish to inspire people?

What do you desire for other to experience through your Beingness = You Being You?


Complete the following sentence:

My Calling is for people to experience:  …  ???


We are getting into the RA MATERIAL now!

You can find the links for the two volumes of The RA Contact we will be using for this exploration (NOT The Book of One books!)

Each Week we will be covering about 7-8 Sessions. For the first reading the Preface and beginning parts of the book are included.

The invitation is to generate a document over the course of this particular portion exploring this material where you note down for yourself some main points covered in each session.

The intention here is ease of reference, so that you can go back over this personal session outline and refer to an aspect or teaching you might be looking for.

On our session call we will discuss the insights and realizations of the teachings and in your paper you will summarize what you are taking away from it.

The 8 Densities (according to The RA Material)

    8th Density                  THE ONE = Infinity = The Absolute


    7th Density                   The Gateway –  Awareness turns its back on creation and experiences All That Is


    6th Density                   Unity of Love + Wisdom

                                    No attachment to attachment + no attachment to detachment

                                    Non-physical – Social memory complexes

                                    Negative polarized entity can’t go beyond this as Unity brings it into realizing the other as being part of the ONE


    5th Density                   WISDOM   (Imbalance = e.g. non-action for others)


    4th Density                   LOVE   (Imbalance = e.g. martyrdom)


    3rd Density                   CHOICE = Planet Earth, Consciousness of a Self


    2nd Density                  Crystals, plants, (pack) animals without a consciousness of self


    1st Density                   Rock, water, air, fire – shaping and catalyzing each other into wanting  to ‘grow’


     7 Sub-Densities,

     7 Sub-Densities, etc. = Fractals

     One Octave = One Universe of Creation including all galaxies within this Universe, all dimensions, etc.

     Infinite universes exist at the same time


Here is a Youtube video of The Core of Sri Nisagardatta’s Work of Self-Realization.

He is one of the very rare beings who has fully realized The ONE

– this video here invites you to tune into intuiting this realization.


The 8 Densities - Intro Audio

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 1-7

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 8-15

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 16-22

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 23-30

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 31-36

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 37-44

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 45-52

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 53-60

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 61-67

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 68-75

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 76-83

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 84-91

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 92-99

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

The RA Contact 100-106

by Shanna Faye | LLFAP

RESOURCES – Recommended Reading