LoveLight (Frequency) Alignment Practitioner


Healing Modalities 

Introduction to various Energy, Frequency and Quantum Healing Modalities

Now we’re getting into the ‘hands on’ – or rather ‘hands off’  ;o)  in some instances – part. Enjoy immersing yourself in these modalities I’m introducing here and see what resonates with you maybe more than others.

Explore – Experiment – Enjoy

Remember in all of these the most important part is that YOU GET YOURSELF OUT OF THE WAY

We will have a call before you start working on others to cover all questions and be totally clear on your part in each of these modalities.

The more you live out of what is transmitted here, the more beneficial of a LoveLight Alignment Practitioner you will become.

For each topic introduced you will have to hand in a written paper (~ 750-800 words) which reflects your understanding of the respective material. A lot of the topics are intended one each week, some are longer and more comprehensive and you will have two weeks to prepare the paper.

I suggest that you watch (and listen to) each topic at least twice, then start on your paper and during our call you will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions, if there are any. After that you will have the time to go over your pre-written work and adjust as you see fit before handing it in.

Here is the Light Bodies Info again for your reference, so you can gauge what bodies you are affecting with what modality.

QE – Quantum Entrainment (Dr. Kinslow)

The Reconnection (Dr. Eric Pearl)

The Chinese Quantum Method (Gabriele Eckert)

Healing Touch – Healing Hands – Reiki I, etc.

These modalities mostly work on the Physical and Energy Body (s. image). Usually there is an intention and direction to the love energy given and certain body parts touched, or held or hands held a couple of inches away from the body (without touching) with palms towards the body/body parts.

In my experience these modalities are wonderful tools to soothe, alleviate and comfort in the moment. Also beautiful to use in chakra balancing, for sure.

At the same time if the subconscious belief patterns are not addressed, these modalities will only bring temporary relief.

Light Language

LoveLight + Sound Healing® is a form of Light Language

LoveLight + Sound Healing® is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjusts to the resonance of each listener’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, activation, balancing and alignment with a new vibration of wellbeing. Each time you listen to or look at it, you initiate a new layer of healing based on your current vibration, your intention to heal and your willingness to participate in your personal path of living your higher vibrational state. 

What I love about this modality is that it circumvents the mind and goes straight to the heart. The only thing that is required is for you to be open to it, relax into receiving – a state of beingness and inviting. No doing required. It meets you where you’re at – every single time.  Since the frequencies are filtered through your Higher Self, and the intention I am setting before opening myself to it is one of pure love and that what is coming through is for everyone’s highest good; there is no risk for harm.

The experience of physical sensations and emotional processing is a strong possibility and indicative of a healing response, however it does not necessarily happen. As much as you can allow yourself to experience and move through anything that arises, be it emotions, sensations or thoughts. Do your best to be present with them, hold space for them and just love them unconditionally as you would a beloved child.

The encoded information is always meeting you where you are at in the moment, which might clear one issue at one time and a different one the next. It is dynamic and adapts to the energy field (yours) it is interacting with. Let’s say I would do this for a group of people, a message might come through that addresses one concern everyone in the room is experiencing at this time, however, since each person is at a different stage in their lives, they will have different experiences with the same message, e.g. one person might feel a relief from fear, while another one might be getting clarity on what their next step is to move forward, another might ‘get’ what they need to be letting go of and have the support with it. And all these different stages could be happening for one person the next time they are taking in the image or the voice.

Here are a few samples of what this can look like in writing…

The signs are as unique as the individual channeling them, as you can see.

RESOURCES – Recommended Reading