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Additional Support for You

Catering to your needs…

Depending on your situation you will find here additional resources that support you in your particular situation, helping you to deepen the practices from the training modules, or expanding awareness around a topic that you feel called to explore more. This section will keep expanding depending on participants’ individual needs.


LL Everyday Vocal Support

by Suzanna Jamieson | LL Vocal Classic

LL Loving Support Vocal

by Suzanna Jamieson | LL Vocal Loving Support

LL Forgiveness Vocal Support

by Suzanna Jamieson | LL Vocal Forgiveness

Finding Your NO - NLMM Support

by Suzanna Jamieson | CHtYS

The Work®

of Byron Katie

Scott Kiloby

Natural Rest for Addiction + Living Realization + Love’s Quiet Revolution + The Unfindable Inquiry

Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich

Gabriele Roth

Sweat Your Prayers: The Five Rhythms of the Soul

More Resources for You…

Sedona Method

…another way of being present to your experience in the moment and allowing what is…

…when you’re working late and you still want your NS to calm down…

The SpaResort Samui

…amazing cleanse and gourmet raw food experience in Thailand!

David Deida

The Way of the Superior Man + Blue Truth + It’s a Guy Thing + Dear Lover

Peter A. Levine

In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma + Waking the Tiger

DISC Profile Assessment

Tony Robbins + TTI®

How to Find Your Personal Diet

by Suzanna Jamieson

Fun(d) Raising Salads

Delicious salad and dressing recipes   by Suzanna Jamieson

Find Your Archetype(s)

Get a deeper understanding of the unique gifts you have to offer