Week Two

In Touch

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Getting in touch with your emotions…

…and allowing all of them to move through you –  What thoughts /resistances are you noticing around this? –  Find the ‘observer’ Not: “I am sad”    But: “I feel sad” – feelings arise and pass through Being okay with whatever arises in the moment – no judgment –  You’re either coming from fear or from love – both can’t exist simultaneously in your system Action Step:  Emotional Hygiene – don’t force it but allow yourself to experience/feel into your body’s response to a trigger/stressful situation – write it in your journal to take care of it at a later point if you can’t do it right this minute Action Step: Watch video on NLMM® embodiment practice Establish a regular practice of 1-5 minutes minimum daily (mp3 recordings 13 min + 25 min with music to support them in the process)

Embodiment Practice

The NLMM® (Non Linear Movement Method®) created by Michaela Boehm.  You can do this anywhere, even sitting on a plane, or sitting in a chair; however, ideally you want to start out on your hands and knees on the floor (on a yoga mat for example, and if that is not available, something to support your knees). Music can be nice but is not necessary. There are three rules to this practice:
  1. You do want to have your eyes closed at all times. This supports your staying connected to your process and your inner exploration as you are moving. It helps you not get distracted through external stimuli. Also if you are practicing jointly with others, it allows for each of you to respect each other’s space.
  2. You keep moving throughout the practice, even if it is just a finger or a foot. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you move, as long as you do move at all times. Keeping the flow going so that nothing gets stuck in your body. Supporting energy to move through you at all times.
  3. (This applies in group practice settings) Stay in your space/on your mat. Respect others’ space and be mindful of it.
You can’t do this wrong and you are dictating your own pace. On your hands and knees you allow your head to hang down heavily between your shoulders, relaxing your neck, giving into the gentle traction of gravity. Out of this starting position you begin exploring how your body feels in the moment and if there is any part that is drawing your attention. Maybe you feel some tightness in your shoulder, and you explore this tightness by moving your shoulder in a way that relieves the tension or just feels good. As you keep exploring, you might find your body taking over naturally, and you might find that it wants to move your hip, or a knee, or a foot; maybe you are coming onto your elbows, maybe your body is going into some wavelike or undulating movements. Allow your body’s innate wisdom to show you the way here. It is an exploration. Whatever is shown to you as to what your body wants to move next and in what way, honor it. If you are sitting or reclined or on your back, that is fine too, if this is what is available to you or serves your body best in this moment. The practice is similar in that you keep moving at all times with your eyes closed and checking into your body, how it feels, where it wants to move and how. Maybe pressing an arm or a shoulder against the back of your seat or pillow feels like a good start and maybe from there your body wants to explore all of the back touching the backrest in increments, maybe more, maybe less pressure. Maybe some slight rubbing or brushing motion feels good. Again here following your body’s innate wisdom and allowing it to show you the way.  You might feel emotions coming up; that is perfectly normal and fine, and as much as you can allow them to move through you. Even if you can manage only 1-5 minutes of this practice a day (a regular class is usually 90 minutes), you will notice changes in your overall wellbeing as you relieve stress stored up in your body. If you can manage longer sessions, all the better. Consistency of practice is key here. So maybe there are days where you can manage 10-30 minutes or more and then there are days where you really have to push yourself to do just one minute. That’s fine, as long as you do at least one minute a day. No one is so busy that they can’t do this practice for a minute at least. Try it! 

Week 2 Supporting Audios

Below you will find a 25 minute and a 14 min NLMM® guided practice for your daily explorations. You can combine them if you like.

Frequency Image ‘Trust’…

…to support you in trusting your body’s innate wisdom to show you the way throughout your explorations.

Week 2 Call Recording

Below you can listen to the training call for this week as often as you like.