Week Three

Your Child

This week is about Your Child

  The usual approach to inner child work is the tendency to make that child feel safe right away, without allowing it to express and connect fully to what was going on for it in that moment. In that approach the true experience is again denied, negative emotions or responses not acknowledged but soothed over. However, it is crucial that you allow yourself to go to your dark side in that moment. What did you want to do to the other person (hit, slap, smack, kick, strangle, shoot, poison, castrate them…) or what would you have liked a caring adult/parent coming to your defense to do to them? This is the difference between instilling trust (making you feel safe) and claiming your power (standing up for yourself in self-defense). ESSENTIAL HERE: Do not avoid to go dark! Your shadow aspects are a part of you. Everyone has them. Just because it doesn’t make you ‘look good’ if you want to harm another person, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Give it the chance to come to the light and act it out in a safe way. E.g. if you were raped you might have wanted to castrate them, or shoot them in self-defense. NOTICE that this shadow aspect is a response out of self-preservation, self-protection, self-defense. It is what allows you to not stay stuck in trauma (freeze/shock response = powerlessness, helplessness), but move through this sense of powerlessness into your power! Reclaiming it through acting out the defense you’d have liked to be able to inflict on the other either by yourself or a loving parent. Allow yourself to fully experience your true emotional response in that moment. How do you feel? What sensations do you remember in your body as you go back there? What did you want the other party to do/not do? As you are going back to that moment, as the adult you are today, what would you do to keep your child self safe or change the situation so that your child feels safe, deeply cared for, loved and protected? [Shadow aspect]  


Write down the words you always wanted to hear. Everything you always wanted your parents or partner to tell you about you.  With your hand on your heart speak them to yourself. Give yourself what you wanted from your parents, your partner, your loved ones.  Make this a daily practice as much as you can, at least once, and at night before you go to sleep.  

Supporting Frequencies for Your Child

  Take in this frequency image below as often as you can throughout the day of this week (even if you just look at it for a couple of seconds each time) and beyond for as long as you need. The corresponding vocal ‘Loving Support’ can be taken in separately or whilst looking at the image, you can try both. There is no dogma here. You can also have the vocal just on very low as a background music playing whilst you are doing something else. 

LL Loving Support Vocal

by Suzanna Jamieson | LL Loving Support

Week 3 Call Recordings

Below you can listen to the training calls for this week as often as you like.