Week Five

Finding Your Innocence

Finding Your Innocence…

…is a crucial step on your way to accessing more and more self-love and making it easy to move out of that space of loving kindness. Directly tied to that is true forgiveness. You might remember being told that you ‘have to forgive’ others, especially if you’ve been raised in a religious context. In my experience true forgiveness is a by-product of your healing path and moving towards self-love. As you come to love yourself unconditionally, with all your shadow aspects and ‘dark’ sides, embracing all of you without judgment, you are capable of extending this same love to others, recognizing that they, as you yourself, are human, and that it is part of the human experience to express the whole range of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. It is an act of grace, granted you as you are shifting your consciousness and awareness towards loving yourself more and more. Below you can access the training only part of this week’s module, to take notes at your own pace and listen to certain passages as often as you need and feel like, to allow it to fully permeate and sink in. You also have my book “The Healing Power in Finding Your Innocence” to support you with this topic in written form. We are going even deeper into your innermost in this week’s training, bringing to light what you might have been having difficulties acknowledging to yourself and healing it through your opening your heart to fully accepting the perfection you are in every moment, no matter how that shows up. No judgment. Unconditional. Life expressing itself through you without your ‘doing’. Innocent.

To support you in your exploration…

Below you find the frequency images that came through here to support your getting in touch and in resonance with the vibration of Innocence and Forgiveness, as well as the respective vocals. As you feel called to, look at the images as much as you can throughout the day (e.g. you can download them onto your cell phone) and listen to the vocals as it comes to you (maybe just as a background sound very quietly with headphones). It is helpful to initially take them in more frequently for your system to be able to integrate them. You can also take in the images as you are listening to the respective vocal which can enhance the experience, but is not necessary for it to be effective. Everyone has different preferences, and it can also be different each day. There is no dogma here. Your inner voice will let you know when and what works best for you. Trust it.

Week 5 Call Recording

Below you can listen to the training call for this week as often as you like.