Shanna Faye

Aligning, Balancing + Consciously

Creating Your Life

This 12-week program is intended as a sequel to my foundational program: Coming Home to Your Self, or, for you, if you feel you have a foundation in self-love and are looking to:

  • Connecting more deeply and consistently with Your Higher Self
  • Aligning with your Truth and live it
  • Integrating and grounding Your Spirituality
  • Live a Life of Passion
  • Balancing Spirit, Mind + Body
  • Shining the Light on anything holding you back from living Life to the fullest
  • Removing those last blockages  ;o)

It gives you access to all the materials of my 12-week life-transforming program: ‘Coming Home to Your Self’.

It is a 1:1 Coaching program with 9 individual sessions over 12 weeks. This program has Frequency Alignment Transmissions included in the sessions.

This is an intense transformational process which is changing your life forever. However, it does require your active participation! As much as I’d love to be able to do it for you ;o) – you’ll have to show up for yourself and do your part of the work.

The only way you can implement and integrate lasting change is by fully showing up and taking action.  I’m here to meet and support you every single step of your way.

What you are taking away from this program is for Life! It is yours forever and you can always come back to it – always Coming Home! True and lasting transformation is at your fingertips here.

To see if we are a good fit, get clarity on what exactly is not working in your life right now, what your dream life looks like specifically and how I can support you in reaching your desired goals, please contact me here to schedule a complimentary 45 min Discovery Session by clicking this link here.

This session is precious; should I find I’m not your best option, I will give you alternatives that best serve you now!

Let’s connect!