Axiotonal Alignment

Connecting to the Universal Grid

Similar to the meridian system that is recognized as an energetic grid within the body, there is an energetic grid in our auric field. Axiotonal Alignment connects this energetic grid in our auric field to an interdimensional universal grid, a timeless and spaceless system of intelligence.

Activating this system will bring you into alignment with your universal purpose and enliven your connection with your entire beingness. As an esoteric process that may not always result in a predefined outcome, experience shows that it supports you on your path, your personal evolution, and expands your connection with Life overall.

I highly recommend getting an Axiotonal Alignment done for you if you have the desire to shift into a higher level of your journey or if you are a healer. This is a virtual session via phone or Skype. It only needs to be done once in your life.