True Forgiveness Online Course

This online course is a practical application support to my accompanying book ‘The Healing Power in Finding Your Innocence’, (Aimée Wilde, pen name), Balboa Press.

Since I’m all about practical application and integration, meaning: making it yours rather than just knowing it on an intellectual level, the thought came here to create this course for you.

In addition to what is shared and introduced as practices in my book, the course invites you to interact with the material presented on a deeper and really your personal level.

So instead of reading and hearing about others’ experiences (including my own), you are invited and guided to find your own situations and forgiveness for yourself and others in these.

It is for you to immerse yourself in it and go for it, as much as it is available to you right now.

This course moves you from passive consumer to active observer and empowers and supports you in finding self-love, whilst forgiving yourself and others.

It is absolutely affordable and can save you years of agony, hatred, bitterness and distrust. It supports you in releasing blame, shame and guilt. Instead moving you into loving compassion, understanding, heart-connection and unconditional love for yourself and others.

It’s an amazing trip – and so worth it!