True Intimacy

LIVE Weekend Intensive


September 21 – 23, 2018 in scenic Ojai, CA at    

This life-transforming weekend workshop is going to open your heart and mind to a new and deeper level – for yourself and others.

It gives you a wonderful foundation and deepening of understanding of where your boundaries are (mental/emotionally, physically and spiritually), how to honor them, how to be true to yourself, and how to communicate your truth – fearlessly and unapologetically.

We are exploring intimacy with self and others through heart-connection. Be prepared to fall in love with Life and everyone around you!  ;o)   Depending on participants being open to it, we are also exploring intimacy in the context of creating polarity and sexual/erotic friction.

This workshop is a source of renewal for your intimate relationship if you would love to reignite your passion, and learn how to connect (again) on a deeper heart-level with your beloved.

If you are single, it offers you a foundation of empowerment to show up authentically as the beautiful unique expression of life force energy that you are, with all of your gifts, so that you can attract a mate who matches you.

It is a sacred and safe space that I’m holding throughout this weekend. Most of the exercises and practices introduced here are intended for you to take with you into your daily life. They are meant for application and integration, embodying transformation and making it yours lastingly.

I’ve found it extremely valuable also for empaths as a means to identify what is ‘theirs’ and what is ‘the other person’s’ pain/suffering so that they don’t have to take it on but find a means to process it in a safe and healthy manner.

This is an intense transformational process.  Movement is part of these explorations and loose, comfortable clothing for ease of movement is suggested.

Includes catered lunch Saturday and Sunday by Food Harmonics, Ojai


Spaces are very limited. The sooner you reserve your space, the better.

Regular Workshop fee is $1,250

If you register before July 31, 2018 it is:

$850 for non-members of ‘Coming Home to Your Self’

$750 for members of ‘Coming Home to Your Self’

$750/person if you bring a partner or friend

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