True Forgiveness Online Course

Welcome to ‘True Forgiveness Online Course’!

I’m so glad for you that you made the decision to gift yourself with this course. It is practical application and support to my accompanying book ‘The Healing Power in Finding Your Innocence’, (Aimée Wilde, pen name), Balboa Press.

Since I’m all about practical application and integration, meaning: making it yours rather than just knowing it on an intellectual level, the thought came here to create this course for you.

In addition to what is shared and introduced as practices in my book, the course invites you to interact with the material presented on a deeper and really your personal level.

So instead of reading and hearing about others’ experiences (including my own), you are invited and guided to find your own situations and forgiveness for yourself and others there.

It is for you to immerse yourself in it and go for it, as much as it is available to you right now.

This course moves you from passive consumer to active observer and empowers and supports you in finding self-love, whilst forgiving yourself and others.

If you really go for it, participate in the exercises and immerse yourself in the inquiries, it can save you years of agony, hatred, bitterness and distrust. It supports you in releasing blame, shame and guilt. Instead moving you into loving compassion, understanding, heart-connection and unconditional love for yourself and others.

It’s an amazing trip – and you’re so worth it!

If you still need to get copy of ‘The Healing Power in Finding Your Innocence’, you can order it at the link below.




You can use the ‘Personal Notes’ pages 40-49 in your soft copy, or your personal journal or notebook for the exercises in this course.


1.  Find a moment in your life that connects you to this sense of ‘innocence’ described here. Maybe you were a child on a swing, or somewhere on the playground, in nature, just playing by yourself, engaged in a creative project… Find it. Briefly describe the scene for your own reference.

2.  What are you noticing around ‘judging others’? Where can you find yourself being easily prejudiced? Judging someone without knowing their side of the story?

3.  How does it make you feel to be on the receiving end of a prejudice? Someone judging you for something without knowing/hearing your part?

4.  Identify three situations that you haven’t forgiven yourself for. Situations you feel blame, shame or guilt around.

5.  Identify three situations that you haven’t been able to (fully) forgive the other person for yet.

Chapter 1

  1. The way you treat others is a reflection of how you treat yourself… Find examples on where you’ve experienced/observed that in your life.
  1. Notice how often you are beating yourself up for something you said or did that you feel you ‘shouldn’t have’.

3.  How often do you find yourself apologizing for something that is not even your causing or responsibility? Shed the light on it. Find examples and write them down.

Chapter 2

1.  Here we’re going into close-up: end of page 12

How did it go? Were you able to find it for yourself? If not, that’s fine. It might take more than one trial to get in touch with it. We’re so used to blaming ourselves it might feel off or not accessible initially.

Don’t try to force it. The more you can allow yourself to open up to this inquiry, coming at it with an open mind and heart, curious as to the possibility…

It’s more like an asking and wait: you’re really asking what your motivation was in that moment, asking what you were believing without judgment, just curious, like a detective and waiting for the answer to come to you instead of trying to force it or ‘think you know’…

2.  Do the exercise on page 14

3.  How can you make up to yourself for what you put yourself through with blame, shame and guilt?

Finding opposites to the self-deprecating beliefs you have about yourself – see example on page 14

4.  Allowing emotions to arise and be fully experienced in the moment. (end of page 14)


Below is the audio only of this guided facilitation to find the split-second where you come to understand that you didn’t have a choice – were not in control…  Can you find your Innocence here?

You are invited to use this facilitation over and over again for your situation(s) to set yourself free as you’re tapping into ‘Innocence’.

'No Choice' Exercise Audio Only

by Shanna Faye | True Forgiveness eCourse

Frequency Support - Vocal 'Forgiveness'

by Shanna Faye | True Forgiveness eCourse

Chapter 2 – Exercise on page 14

Frequency Support - Vocal 'Finding Your Innocence'

by Shanna Faye | True Forgiveness eCourse

Chapter 2 – Allowing Emotions to Arise in the Moment

Frequency Image:  ‘Held Safely’

Chapter 3


  1. Find a moment in your life where you read a book or text a second, third time and it seems as if there are parts in it that you’re reading for the first time. Or you remember it but are having a new/different understanding of it that you didn’t have before…

Who or what is giving you this understanding? Is that in your control? Did you planon having that insight/realization or did it come to you?    ;o)




Frequency Image:  ‘Connected to Myself’

Frequency Support - Vocal 'Loving Support'

by Shanna Faye | True Forgiveness eCourse

You made it through your first exploration! Congratulations!

How did it go? What was your experience?

How are you doing with the exercises? Where would you like more support?

I would love to hear from you with any feedback you might have, so I can keep improving the support you need here in this challenging and delicate subject!

Thank you for joining me on this journey and thank you for your trust.


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Much Love,