True Stories

Before I found Shanna, I had hit an unmanageable low. The woman who had raised my siblings and I, biologically our aunt but truly our mother, fell ill just weeks after I was married. She was my lifeline, my world, every decision I ever made I made with her. Who would I be if she were gone? I honestly believed I would be nothing without her and became frantic trying to control what was happening to her body. Shortly after she became sick, I was laid off from the job I excelled and had formed what I believed was my “Identity” for over 13 years. Both of my approval and security sources were ripped away from me at the same time and my world felt like it was crumbling. My anxiety, my depression, the anger, feelings of worthlessness and the need to control everything were at an all-time peak and were overwhelming. I was no longer able to experience joy in the world without altering my state of mind with one of the suppressants I used to escape. I was suffering terribly and my loved ones were too.

When I spoke to Shanna for the first time, I felt an instant connection and had complete trust in her. I felt safe and comfortable letting her hold space for me while I we embarked on the journey together to finally bring me home to myself again. It was as if I was flailing from the sky and she just gracefully and effortlessly caught my fall.

Through her 12-week program I found forgiveness and understanding for my past and was no longer needing approval from others. I was able to see my preciousness and importance to the world, just as I am. I uncovered and healed wounds I didn’t even know were running my life and what I believed. I worked through repairing relationships and judgments I had with my loved ones. I ultimately regained my power, my freedom and opened my heart and life to the beauty I was missing and wasn’t able see before.

In addition, I was able to stop: binge drinking, smoking marijuana/CBD and completely weaned off an anti-depressant I had been taking for over 15 years.  My body immediately started to become more balanced. In 2 months I had lost over 25 pounds, my rosacea disappeared, my psoriasis faded, my back pain improved and my energy level soared. Healthy food and exercise became the new normal in our home. In fact, it has been a fun adventure finding new ways to be active. Turns out, I am not too bad at golf!

Shanna is a force of unconditional understanding and love. She holds no judgment and is committed to her client’s transformation. I am grateful she decided to share her experience, patience, knowledge, determination and guidance with the world. She is one of the best gifts of my life.  Katie Rose, San Jose, CA

“When I started working with Shanna, I was hiding out in a lot of areas of my life. In a few months, I have processed unresolved issues from the past and stepped into my personal power. I am now taking bolder action to create the life I want. It’s empowering, and my vulnerability isn’t as scary anymore. I feel more confident to face challenges  Shanna always dives right into the juicy spot to bring release. Thank you, Shanna!”   U.G., Portland


The education of customizing one’s personal diet is essential to optimize overall health and quality of life.  With Shanna’s compassionate support, healthy diet changes are something I actually look forward to doing for myself.

Old habits can be challenging to change by oneself, but with Shanna’s unique support, the changes feel good to make.

Shanna simplifies overwhelming and contradictory dietary information, customizing it to each unique body.  I had many health challenges and was given pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms. I found that these drugs only further depleted the nutrients I did consume and worsened my health. I had to learn how to take care of my body’s health in order to survive.

I enjoy food much more when I know it’s fueling my body, rather than challenging it. Now, I no longer use pharmaceutical drugs and/or surgical interventions to mask symptoms or try to dismiss the inevitable consequences of unhealthy lifestyle choices.

In addition to eating well, I have been detoxing and cleansing my body. I have lost weight, I sleep better, have more energy and am more comfortable overall.

With Shanna’s gentle, yet detailed invitations to wellness, these changes were not as hard as I thought! Knowing that I can contact Shanna with questions and receive support sets me up to succeed.

I have never met a health practitioner with such a vast array of expertise and wisdom.

We have covered many dietary topics and theories, why we eat, emotional eating and more.  These are the answers anyone can benefit from, in one place, all obtained from the comfort of home.

I had spent years and thousands of dollars on other practitioners, trying to learn what I have learned in a matter of weeks from Shanna.

Rather than following a diet that works for someone else, like one of the fad diets, I now know what works for my specific needs. It’s not a rigid diet, there is a lot of room for exploration and trying new things.

I didn’t want to give up daily chocolate, and I didn’t have to because Shanna has found a way to make chocolate a healthy superfood! I love her chocolate and no longer eat the mass-produced low quality, sugary, artificial “chocolate”.

After 39 years of poor nutrition and many sensitivities, I am so grateful to finally learn what my individual body needs for fuel and I can feel the difference! I can confidently make everything at home. Cooking and shopping is simplified.

I am empowered to promote my healing and decrease discomfort.  I no longer feel like a victim to the medical diagnoses and sensitivities that I previously blamed for my poor health.

I can truly feel the results of taking responsibility for providing myself with nourishing food and practicing informed, individualized self-care.  I am now empowered to avoid the countless health consequences of an improper diet, especially from the Western or American diet. I am now able to promote my own health and longevity with informed choices.

I would recommend that everyone gives themselves the gift of self-love and discovering what is needed for your individual optimal health by treating yourself to Shanna’s course.

Jana Kieboam, VT

Shanna’s attentive, supportive and loving work has not only helped me overcome issues such as chronic migraines, a chronic stomach pain and energetic blockages, it has also helped me to gradually overcome and resolve self-sabotaging life programs.

My diet has changed playfully, I quit smoking, and besides the positive side effect of a significant weight loss, I have found a personal diet that provides me with energy throughout and my body feels amazing.

Shanna and I worked with her constitutional homeopathic treatmentHealing Frequencies and The Work of Byron Katie.

Since I’ve known Shanna, I no longer need to consult a doctor (apart from gynecologist and dentist), because my body shows incredible and sustainable health.

Beyond that I’ve learned through Shanna’s guidance, that the more I am in balance, the more open, warm and loving the world around me responds to me.

– Sarah Schwer, Germany

“Working with Shanna as a Health Coach has been eye-opening and life-transforming for me, indeed. I’ve lost 12 lbs in the first 4 months without much effort, my energy level is much better. I’ve come to understand that too much coffee makes me aggressive, and has an impact on my sleep quality.

Shanna introduced me to new ways of healthy eating with easy to prepare foods that give me energy instead of draining it – especially for my days “on the road”. Aside from that, she has given me a new perspective on my exercise regimen and shown me how to upgrade it. Plus I’ve charted new territory by exploring relaxation techniques Shanna recommended, to wind down after a long day and also to recharge during a busy office day.”

– Thomas M., Germany

Shanna, I just wanted to thank you for this information – it makes so much sense to me!
I’ve been looking into diet for the past years and have felt more and more pressure lately, with people around me going Vegetarian, and I LOVE meat. Now with your program I know why, and I don’t feel guilty any more. I cannot tell you how big a relief it is for me to know, that what I like to eat is actually good for me!

– Natalia R., Russia

Homoeopathy has become a common word in the households of those interested in holistic and alternative health. Perhaps few people, however, have experienced the true healing potential of homeopathy.
 When applied with comprehensive knowledge, adherence to the practice as propounded by Samuel Hahnemann, and with the utmost sensitivity, compassion, and skilled experience, Shanna Faye is indeed a rare jewel who possesses all of these qualities. Having taken remedies from a variety of top professionals in the field, none succeeded in touching the “innermost” with their prescriptions, as has Shanna Faye. During my work with Shanna I have experienced a radical transformation in my life and accelerated growth on many levels. The same may be said of the experiences of a variety of my friends and family who have worked with Shanna.

– Davis Batson PhD, Patagonia AZ

I started seeing Shanna because I was on medication for anxiety, depression, and allergies. I was not able to sleep and was in so much pain physically and emotionally, I could barely function. I decided that there must be a better way to become healthy again. Shanna has helped me with her caring presence and homeopathy. I am back to my old self. I am happy, caring, feeling, loving, motivated, energized, sleep well, and most importantly, can enjoy life again.

– Sacha Karver, California

Shanna is an amazing listener. She provides me the space to speak whatever there is to say, no matter how ugly or embarrassing, and has taught me how to embrace all parts of myself, dark & light. She is an anchor for guiding me along a process of self-discovery and most importantly self-acceptance and peace.

– J.D.

Shanna Faye is a top-notch, trusted healing partner. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. With professional services and outstanding follow-through, Shanna takes the time to genuinely understand your needs in order to develop effective holistic treatments.
I received personalized service with homeopathy and Love+Light images and music that rival larger agencies’ quality which has done wonders for me personally. Shanna was able to identify my physical, social, relational, spiritual and emotional needs and established remedies, images and music which resonated profoundly. I can’t recommend Shanna and her work highly enough!
I have worked with Shanna for the past number of years and absolutely love how easy she is to work with! She has incredible talent as an energetic media artist and healer, and her rates are a great value. Shanna is a cherished healing expect who consistently exceeds my expectations with her high quality and responsive knowledge. When I began working with her I was experiencing several issues with my health – after working with Shanna, those issues were eliminated and I felt the effects so quickly. I would not be where I am today without Shanna.
–Natalie Sanchez, Albuquerque, NM


I’ve been using the LL images and Vocals for the past couple of months and I love them! I frequently look at the various images throughout the day when I feel like I need to shift my energy. Work and life can be really distracting so it’s nice to have these wonderful tools to help bring me back to a sense of peace. I’ll use the vocals and images together in my meditation practice which seems to amplify the effects. The light sphere is so helpful when I am driving or somewhere I can’t access the images or vocals. I use it in the same way whenever I remember to call it in. I feel immediate shifts that help me to feel calm and grounded again. Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

I finally read your book last weekend and really enjoyed it. Thank you! I left you a review too 🙂 I really love the hands and knees exercise for just going through and being in touch with how I am feeling and have been doing that as much as I can. This week I have noticed so many thoughts that I realize are just thoughts and have no bearing on who I am and I found your insights in the book to be very helpful with that. I went for a hike and read your book while I was up on the mountain and felt so much relief, forgiveness and love for me and everyone who has ever been in my life. I was able to let go of a lot and really feel more connection with myself. 

Thank you so much for everything!  — Robbie Trujillos, NM



When my husband of five years told me overnight that he was going to leave me, my world fell apart.

I needed some support during this very difficult time in my life. I did not need answers or solutions but an emotional support. I saved two images, which Shanna had channeled for me personally, on my cell and desktop so I would take them in as much as I could. Not only did they look beautiful, but I looked at them several times a day. It felt like they were washing through me and rinsing away everything unneeded. I can not even describe what happened, but my inner healing process was speeding up. I felt grounded faster and I know that those images had an effect on me. They helped me move through my traumatic patterns and supported me in my grieving.

I now have changed to other images and I love them. I like looking at them and knowing that something good is coming out of it. It feels like I am expanding in my capacity to take Life in and love more
Thank you so much for these amazing healing frequencies!
— Marci Forand, Germany