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Katie Rose Parisi’s list:

100 Things That make me amazing:

1. I am a talented vocalist
2. I am a strong swimmer
3. I am pretty darn funny
4. Wit comes easy
5. I connect well with people
6. I LOVE children and they love me
7. I have had had my niece part time since she was 3, she will be 9 in August and is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
8. I found my soul mate and I married him
9. I planned the most magical, emotional and beautiful wedding ever. Quite literally, the wedding of my dreams
10. I am a sales coach
11. I train others well
12. I am honest
13. I am fiercely loyal
14. I stand up for what’s right
15. I have a strong work ethic
16. I am trustworthy
17. I am kind
18. I can be a lot of fun
19. I present well in meetings and events
20. I am not shy
21. I can strike up a conversation with literally anyone
22. I help others see their potential
23. I love to learn
24. I am good at finding efficient processes
25. I am resourceful
26. I have beautiful gold colored eyes with specs inside
27. I am tall
28. I have strong, beautiful hair
29. I have strong legs
30. I make friends easily
31. I am always fair
32. I am a wonderful stepmom
33. I am an amazing aunt
34. I am a quick learner
35. I stay true to my commitments
36. I am a great friend
37. I am ambitious
38. I can self motivate
39. I’m a good listener
40. I can multitask
41. I am very organized with my work
42. I enjoy writing
43. I love to climb trees
44. I love to be around any type of flowing water
45. I can be adventurous
46. I have my motorcycle license
47. I know how to and enjoy snowboarding
48. I know how to ride and enjoy sand ATVs
49. I can follow instructions well
50. I have a great smile
51. I love to travel and experience new places in the world
52. I am extremely empathetic
53. I am not afraid to tell people how I feel
54. I am a protector
55. I find beauty in all things
56. I have frequent visits from those who have passed on
57. I am a problem solver
58. I have a very distinct and strong speaking voice.
59. I love to set goals and achieve them
60. I enjoy writing thank you notes to show my appreciation of others
61. I am independent
62. I am self sufficient
63. I enjoy giving back to my community and often volunteer
64. I understood the law of attraction at a very young age.
65. When I was 5, I told me brother that stories in the Bible were not real or actual events, but instead were examples to teach us a lesson.
66. I was offered the job for each position I have applied for.
67. I have been promoted a dozen times
68. I have an entire storage closet of awards I received from my work performance
69. I received an award for “Citizenship” when I was in the 2nd grade
70. I know how to balance a spoon on my nose and sometimes get the inclination to do so in a restaurant
71. I make smart financial decisions
72. I feel powerful next to the ocean
73. I got straight A’s in high school
74. I got my real first job at 13
75. I have can be sassy
76. I’ve been told I wear rose colored glasses
77. I was an entrepreneur at a young age and knew I was capable
78. I had a visit from, who I thought was Jesus at the age of 7. When my Catholic school teacher told me I was crazy, I stood up for myself and my beliefs. I also convinced my guardian to let me change schools.
79. I can speak enough Spanish to impress people in Central and South America.
80. I am a great planner
81. When my Uncle could not speak at my grandfathers memorial, I took the reigns and delivered a powerful & beautiful eulogy on the spot
82. I have a strong presence
83. I am approachable
84. I am coachable
85. I am really good at drinking enough water for my body
86. I can forgive
87. I am moved by acts of kindness
88. I have a positive relationship with my Husbands ex wife (My step children’s mom)
89. I won my first singing competition at the age of 8
90. I experience serendipitous moments often and have all of my life
91. I have always received positive performance reviews in all of my positions through the years
92. I make a positive impact in team environments
93. I give really good hugs
94. I believe there is good in everyone and everything
95. I believe love is the answer to the world’s problems
96. I am curious and always wanting more information
97. I am a romantic
98. I quit drinking on my own
99. I have made a commitment to change my life and do the work
100. I asked the universe to help me find myself again and attracted this program. And even though it’s scary, I am ready and not looking back!