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    I don’t know if I’ll ever get to posting the other things…stuff just keeps coming. Now it’s a couple of dreams, and I’m short on time.

    Dream 1: I dreamed Melchi (my real son) and I lived in a nice house in a nice neighborhood, houses very close together. I was renting rooms in someone else’s house. I was encouraging him to go to a room and play with the 2 older girls but told him to ask them first if he could enter their room and play. He didn’t, he just sat down and started playing, and they didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything either, but I felt like I wanted to intervene, to go in there and facilitate everyone communicating their wishes, asking questions. I felt uneasy about the whole situation but didn’t say anything, yet kept walking by to check on them. I seemed afraid to exert my authority, felt reserved and timid.
    Meanings in dream dictionary.
    Boy in dream: ability to express in outer action. Illustrates what is happening to your extroverted and daring or inquisitive self. Desires connected with self expression, feelings connected with my actual son, maybe parental responsibility, concerns, or intuitions about my son’s welfare.
    He knows who he wants to play / engage with but we both may be keeping ourselves from trying with new people. Mother’s dream of son: represents my ambitions, potential, or hopes. I think I want me to be aware, that there have been times when I was afraid to exert my authority, over myself, my life, and my interactions with others, as well as Melchi’s. It’s time to recognize those. I’m also at risk of holding back on what to say to the evaluator.

    Dream 2: I kept discovering loose teeth in my mouth from the feeling, then missing tooth in the mirror reflection (and didn’t feel the missing tooth). At first I was convinced I’d been in an airplane crash, and that I’d sustained the injuries there. I’d been out for some time. But then, in my car, I found the missing teeth in the floor. I collected them to get them put back in my mouth, happy that I recovered all of them.
    Meanings in dream dictionary.
    Teeth: lost ones from someone’s mouth – they “lost it,” their effectiveness, social power, maybe temporary, feeling of not being able to get what I deeply want. Teeth: words we wish hadn’t come out of our mouths. Effectiveness, ability to communicate.


    I had another dream last night that was kind of interesting. I was talking to an ex-boyfriend, with whom I had apparently ruined the prospect of because I moved away.

    I then proceeded to cry very deeply about how hard it was moving so much.

    I have moved a lot. 2x before college, 5x during college, and 13x since college. I never looked at it as “hard”. It was always just the next thing to do and like everything “grin and bear it”. If it was hard, it was because I was weak.

    I couldn’t connect with the feelings upon waking, but I am happy to know they are finding some release in there.


    Wow, Jen! I can relate. I’ve moved many times…mostly as an adult…I’ve counted them up before, then lost the number again.

    Yes, it is great when feelings find release in dreams. My recent dreams led to the realization of what I was experiencing, and for me to declare the opposite. What I declared is recorded in Tuesday’s call.

    But I’ve had dreams before that worked out sorrow, grief, loss like that.

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