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    Hey Everyone,
    post here your insights around how you react to Receiving a compliment/praise… What’s your response? Is it difficult to take in? Do you believe them? Are you trying to play it down? Are you returning something ‘nice’ to say immediately? 🙂
    (refer to call recording 2/22/18) <3


    i’ve learned to say “thanks” before dismissing or minimizing it. Like if someone compliments my clothes, I say “thanks, I got it for $2 at walmart”. I’ve learned to do the “right thing” but no, i don’t let it in.

    i don’t believe i really know HOW to let it in.

    i also don’t compliment others very often. i’ll compliment a good idea, or acknowledge something I really admire, but the more casual every day kind of compliments .. it just doesn’t dawn on me. I think more so because I don’t see the point. which ties directly back to not letting it in.


    Interesting what you’re finding here, Jen, and thanks for checking it out. Pretty much at the end of the call is where we’re addressing this briefly, so if you just want to listen to that part to see how to approach it next time, you might find that helpful. <3

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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